Welcome to 1st Choice Chillers

1st Choice Chillers (a division of Temperature Corporation) manufactures industrial portable chillers for the plastics industry. While our chillers were designed with injection molding in mind, they are ideally suited for all plant environments, including but not limited to plastics, rubber, chemical, printing, petrochemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food processing, beverage and others. As our signature product, our mold chillers are what we do best. If you need a chiller right away for your injection molding process, we offer immediate delivery from stock or 2 to 4 weeks if otherwise.

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Chiller Systems and Cooling Equipment

All of our portable chiller systems have been carefully assembled and engineered to give trouble free service with a minimum of maintenance. We design and manufacture complete air, water, remote and film chiller systems for a variety of industries. Please note that if you are in the Injection Molding Industry you should also know that it is now possible to get a quote for our air cooled portable chillers simply by clicking here. Place your order today and we will deliver the chiller within 2 to 4 weeks.

Air Cooled Chillers – Water Cooled Chillers – Remote Air Cooled Condensers – Blown Film Chillers – Mold Chillers – Tank Sets

Our Contact Information

If you require more information we can be contacted by email at: sales@1stchoicechillers.com or contact our head office directly at 905.513.8310 or use our Toll Free Number: 1.877.513.8310. You can also reach us by fax at 905.513.8358.


Air Cooled Chillers

1st Choice Chillers is a manufacturer of portable air cooled chillers for a wide range of industries such as plastics, rubber, chemcial and pharmaceuticals. Our air cooled chillers are designed to cool both the process as well as the process machine.