Chiller Components

NOTE: All repairs to the unit should be done by qualified service personnel. (i.e., for refrigeration, a licensed refrigeration mechanic, for electrical, a licensed electrician etc.) For mechanical repairs please call our main company telephone number which is monitored 24 hours, seven days a week.

Safety controls are set for water Operation (45° F. L.W.T.). For lower operating temperatures glycol must be used and controls must be reset by qualified personnel.

14.0.0Component Description
WARRANTY:1st CHOICE PORTABLE CHILLERS offers the most comprehensive warranty in the industry! We warrant our equipment to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use starting from date of shipment as follows:
3 YEAR compressor replacement warranty.
2 YEAR parts warranty on the balance of the unit.
SUPPORT:Start-up assistance and ongoing technical support is just a phone call away using our total free number: 877.513.8310
CAPACITY CONTROL:Hot gas by-pass reduces capacity to 50% on single compressor units and compressor cycling and hot-gas reduces capacity to 25% on dual compressor units.
FREEZE PROTECTION:We use both a water flow switch and a freeze thermostat in the evaporator out line.
CONDENSER:Air cooled: Copper tube with aluminum fins, rated for 400 psi. Water cooled: stainless steel brazed plate, coaxial tube-in-tube or shell and tube.
WATER FITTINGS:Non-rusting galvanized steel and plastic.
REFRIGERATION:We use Alco or Sporlan for thermal expansion valve, liquid line and hot gas solenoids, liquid line sight glass and filter dryer.

Hermetic "SCROLL" compressors with a solid state internal motor protector, rubber mounted to reduce noise and vibration.

Single Circuit

Specially designed "higher efficiency" stainless steel brazed plate evaporators with inlet "Y" strainer to protect against plugging.
dualcircuitDual Circuit

Specially designed "higher efficiency" stainless steel brazed plate evaporators with inlet "Y" strainer to protect against plugging.


Stainless steel pump with 3500 rpm motors.
largetankLarge and Small Tanks

Insulated tanks are galvanized steel inside and out up to 10 tons and 304 stainless steel on larger units. Options available include:
  • Oversized tanks.
  • Higher discharge pressure pumps.
  • TEFC pump motors.
  • Dual pumps on larger models.
  • Process water "pressure operated" by-pass valves.
  • Sealed water systems for overhead piping.
  • 380/3/50 hertz units.
  • 440/3/50 hertz units.
  • EC-TC Control System +/- 1° F from 5% to 100% of load.
controllersStainless Steel Frames

Our chillers are mounted on stainless steel frames.

Temperature Controllers

Honeywell & Ranco solid state temperature controller withdigital display and relay outputs.