Air Cooled Chillers

Portable Air Cooled Chillers

1st Choice Chillers is a manufacturer of portable air cooled chillers for a wide range of industries such as plastics, rubber, chemcial and pharmaceuticals. Our air cooled chillers are designed to cool both the process as well as the process machine. Using an air chiller to remove heat from the process involves an evaporator to remove the heat and an air cooled condenser to remove the heat from the evaporator. In a typical plant layout, the evaporator and condenser are inside the chiller unit. On units under 25 tons, propeller fans are used without duct work (heat in plant) and on units larger than 25 tons centrifugal blowers and exhaust ducts are highly recommended to exhaust the hot air outside of the building.

For specifications on our standard and mini chillers follow the links below:

Maxi-Mizer Air Cooled Chillers (pdf)
Mini-Mizer Air Cooled Chillers (pdf)

Portable Air Cooled Chillers

Since air cooled chillers transfer the heat from the process to the surroundings in the form of air, the environment in which these chillers will be used must be suitable. Air cooled chillers, for instance, must be located in an open, well-ventilated space to avoid overheating. The rejected heat from units with centrifugal blowers can be reclaimed to supplement a building’s heating system in the winter and transferred out during the summer using exhaust ducts.

Air cooled chiller is often your only option if you don’t have an existing cooling tower. If you don’t have 85° F plant water to use for your condenser, we offer two kinds of high efficiency air cooled chillers: standard and mini – both with top discharge propeller fans.

Models Available: ACP 1.3 to 3, ACP 7.5 and 10, ACP 15D and 20D, ACP 25D and 30D.