Liquid Chillers

Portable Liquid Chillers

1st Choice Chillers custom designs industrial liquid chillers for a variety of industries and processes. Designed to circulate a fluid medium (either a water, or a water-glycol solution) through a process application, our liquid chillers are ideal for cooling both the hydraulics and the molded parts in the injection molding process. Our liquid chillers are self-contained with air (AP), water (WP) condensers, and remote outdoor air cooled (RCAP) condenser, whose compact size and accessibility are ideally suited to today’s varied plant conditions.

See Glycol Concentration Requirements.

While our liquid chillers were designed primarily for the injection molding process, they are also well suited for all plant environments, including but not limited to rubber, chemical, printing, petrochemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food processing, beverage and other plastic molding processes.

Portable Liquid Chillers

As our signature product, our mold liquid chillers are what we do best. If you need a chiller right away for your injection molding process, we offer immediate delivery from stock or 2 to 4 weeks if otherwise. We have chillers in stock ready to go.

Maxi-Mizer Liquid Chillers – 3 to 30 tons
Mini-Mizer Liquid Chillers – 1.5 to 5 tons

These energy-efficient, reliable and long-lasting liquid self-contained water cooled (WP) chillers are highly recommended when the surrounding ambient temperature is consistently above 95°F or is contaminated with dust and dirt particles that would plug an air cooled chiller. Our small footprint size and portability are the best solution for today’s varied plant conditions where there is an adequate supply of good quality condenser water from either a cooling tower or municipal water.

Consider our mold liquid chillers designed specifically for the Injection Molding Industry.


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