Plant Wide Chillers

Plant Wide Chillers

As the plastics industry moves away from hydraulic to electric molding systems, a plant wide chilling system is an investment that makes a lot of sense. We manufacture plant wide chillers for cooling both your molding machines and molded products. If you no longer need a cooling tower, the best option is our remote air condenser that works with our modular chiller design. When it comes to saving energy and avoiding costly breakdowns and lost production, a plant wide cooling solution is the only way to go. If you’re looking for a quality designed chiller that is durable, reliable, easy to install and service, then you’ve come to the right place.

We also offer water central chillers with cooling towers, chiller and tower pump tank sets.

Plant WIde Chillers

Plant Wide Chillers

Once electric machines began trickling into the market in 1984, that trickle has turned into a flood. What initially looked like an expensive alternative is now the new standard in the high paced world of the plastic molding industry. Electric machines now span the full size range from micro to mega and are available for everything from all purpose to multi-component and vertical insert molding.

Hydraulic or Electric or Both?

Not only are there a wide variety of all-electric designs, but also electric-hydraulic hybrids of various types that seek an intermediate balance of cost and performance. These range from essentially hydraulic machines with only an electric screw drive to mostly electric machines that retain hydraulics for high-pressure clamping or high injection rates.

Now that hydraulic machines have surrendered a significant portion of the market to electrics and hybrids, it is important to figure out where each type fits the best. Deciding which is best for your situation, depends on the type of molding you do, on the size of machine, on what you pay for electricity, and on personal preferences in matters such as precision and the level of productivity you want.

The invasion of the electrics is a result of several notable benefits:

  • Significant energy savings ranging from 30% to 70%.
  • Better precision and repeatability, i.e., positioning accuracy of ±0.0001 in., which can reduce scrap rates.
  • Injection speeds up to 800 mm/sec or more and faster clamp motion too.
  • Faster response, such as acceleration/deceleration times as little as 0.2 millisec.
  • Ability to overlap screw recovery and clamp movements for up to 20% faster cycles.
  • Faster start-ups and shorter times to achieve a stable process, without waiting for oil to warm up.
  • Reduced maintenance with no oil to clean and maintain.
  • Easy to clean which is better for clean-room medical and electronics molding.

As our signature product, plant wide chillers for injection molding are what we do the best. Our design not only makes them extremely easy to inspect, maintain and repair, they are easily the most energy efficient and long lasting chillers on the market. The secret is an ingenuously designed and oversized condenser and stainless steel brazed plate evaporator. Not only does this mean a much longer lasting compressor, but a much more efficient one. Add a hot gas by-pass, a water flow switch, a freeze thermostat, non-rusting water piping, and you have the perfect fit for anyone who has to worry about cooling reliability and cost effectiveness. All our models can be delivered immediately from stock or 6 to 8 weeks if not in stock.