Remote Condensers

Portable Remote Air Cooled Condenser Chillers

1st Choice Chillers is a manufacturer of portable remote air cooled condenser chillers for a wide range of industries from plastics to pharmaceuticals. If your plant is air conditioned, or you can’t add heat to your plant, or space for the chiller is too small, then a remote cooled chilleris your only choice. Using a remote chiller to remove heat from the process involves an evaporator to remove the heat and a remote air cooled condenser to remove the heat from the evaporator. In a typical plant layout, the evaporator is located inside the chiller unit in your plant and the condenser is located outdoors on the roof or on the ground.

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Portable Remote Air Cooled Condenser Chillers

Since the remote air cooled condenser is located outside and it transfers the heat from the evaporator to the surrounding ambient air, there will be no heat gain in the environment in which the chiller is located. Remote air cooled condenser chillers are ideal for an air conditioned plant or where you can’t add heat to the plant. They’re also the perfect solution for small mechanical rooms or any where the space for the chiller is small and confined.

Chiller can be supplied with a single pump, single pump with standby or a double pump system.

We are now offering larger tonnage remote condenser double-pump packaged chillers from 20 to 80 tons. Packaged Chillers