Water Cooled Chillers

Portable Water Cooled Chillers

1st Choice Chillers is a manufacturer of portable water cooled chillers for a wide range of industries from chemical to plastic injection molding. Our water chillers were designed to cool both the process as well as the process machine. Using a water chiller to remove heat from the process involves an evaporator to remove the heat and a water cooled condenser to remove the heat from the evaporator. In a typical plant layout, the evaporator and condenser are inside the chiller unit while the cooling tower is located outside.

For specifications on our standard and mini chillers follow the links below:

Maxi-Mizer Water Cooled Chillers – 3 to 30 tons
Mini-Mizer Water Cooled Chillers – 1.5 to 5 tons

Water Cooled Chillers

Our water chiller systems generate cold water for cooling all kinds of industrial process equipment. Choosing a water cooled chiller rather than an air cooled unit is often a good ideaunless you don’t have a cooling tower. Our water chiller systems are less expensive than the air cooled option, they have a higher cooling capacity per horsepower and will definitely consume less energy per horsepower. Compared to water, air is a poor conductor of heat making the air chiller much larger. An air chiller is less efficient due to plant air temperatures of 95° F to 100° F during the summer months and a condensing temperature 120° F compared to 105° F in a water cooled chiller.

Water chillers often operate in the range of 15 EER or better and with a smaller footprint, allow you to make better use of valuable plant floor space. These are all good reasons for choosing a water chiller except when there is no cooling tower.

Water cooled chillers require condensing water from a cooling tower at about 85°F (29°C). If you have 85° F plant water to use for your condenser, we offer two kinds of high efficiency water chillers. Up to 10 ton, we use coaxial tube-in-tube condensers and on larger units we use brazed plate condensers, with the option of shell and tube. If you don’t have a cooling tower, your only choice is to install an air cooled chiller.