Water Cooled Modular

Modular Water Cooled Chillers
Modular Water Cooled Chillers
Modular Water Cooled Chillers

1st Choice Chillers is proud to announce its new line of modular chillers, the only true modular chilling system – where it is possible to remove, service or replace individual components without shutting down the balance of the system – all in the space of a few hours. Our water and glycol modular chillers are ideal for processing industries where accessibility and space are restricted, where expansion is inevitable, where large cooling capacities and uninterrupted operation are required. As your process requirements change and you have to expand your process, simply add another modular unit to meet the capacity requirements and your job is done!

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Water Cooled and Glycol Modular Chillers

The most impressive thing about these chillers are their “modularity” and “expandability” which allows you to remove and repair it in a matter of hours without interrupting the rest of the system or to add a new unit whenever your process requires more capacity cooling. The unique split electrical control panel means that you can operate one compressor while you fix the other one. This saves you the extra expense of purchasing extra chillers for stand-by. If you are looking for long term savings and reliability, high operating efficiencies, ease of operation and the best protection and preventive maintenance program on the market, this chiller is the answer.

Main Features
  • Compact Size
  • Easily Removed For Service
  • Outstanding Reliability
  • Unsurpassed Operating Efficiencies
  • Ease Of Operation
  • Dual Electrical Control
  • Extraordinary Safety Protection
  • Long Lasting Stainless Steel
Applications For The Glycol Modular Chillers

If you have 70° F to 105° F building supply water (cooling tower water) to use for your condenser cooling, we offer high efficiency water cooled modular chillers. With our oversized brazed plate evaporators and condensers we offer some of the highest EERs available today. Whether it is a matter of cooling an entire office complex, a data centre, a laboratory or a hi-rise apartment complex, we have the expertise and equipment to meet any job requirements.

Applications For The Water Cooled Modular Chillers

If you do not have access to a building supply water between 70° F and 105° F to use for your condenser cooling, we offer modular glycol/water cooled chillers to be used with our high efficiency dry fluid coolers. These fluid coolers can be located on the roof or ground and are designed to operate in ambients as high as 115° F and up to a 50% ethylene glycol water solution for winter operation. We also supply temperature control valves, pump packages and expansion tanks to complete your system.

All our dry glycol fluid cooled chillers feature either Copeland “SCROLL” compressors with dual refrigeration circuits or single Copeland “SCREW” compressor with single refrigeration circuit, stainless steel copper braze plate evaporators, stainless steel copper braze plate condensers, our exclusive intelligent chiller control system, and a NEMA 1 stainless steel control panel.