Chiller Tank Sets

Chiller Tank Sets

1st Choice Chillers manufactures chiller water tank sets for the process cooling industry. We offer 7 standard models, each with double pumps, baffled tank and lid. The two pump system has one pump dedicated to the chiller or chillers to maintain constant water flow required by the chillers to ensure maximum efficiency and safe operation.

The second pump is dedicated to the process to supply higher flows than the chillers would normally allow, and higher water pressure required by the varing process equipment demand.

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Chiller Tank Sets

Benefits of the Chiller Water Pump Tank Set

Longer Lasting: Stainless steel tank, baffles and tank lid mounted on a rugged structural steel base that is coated with a rust preventative paint.
Higher Operating Efficiency = Lower Operating Costs: Our pumps generally supply the same flow and pressure as the competition with lower horsepower motors, normallly one size smaller.
Trouble Free Operation: With TEFC pump motors, liquid tight electrical conduit, industrial duty pumps and motor starters.
Easy to Use: Our tank set design makes it easy to install, start up and operate.

Standard Features of the Chiller Water Tank Sets

Heavy guage stainless steel tank with 1/2″ thick insulation mounted to a structural steel welded base coated with a rust preventative paint.
Tank complete with: Process side thermometer and brass well, pump discharge pressure guages with brass shut-off valves, heavy-duy bronze city water float make-up valve with bronze shut-off valve, 3″ side overflow connection, and 1″ side bottom drain connection with bronze shut-off valve.

Pump trim consists of the following:

  • Suction: A bronze gate valve or lever-operated butterfly valve depending on whether the pump is threaded or has flanged connections. Galvanized union or steel flange for pump removal.
  • Discharged: A galvanized union or flange for pump removal. Water-type check valve and a bronze ball valve or lever operated butterfly valve. Pump dischage pressure guages with brass shut-off valves.
  • Industrial duty motor starters with thermal overloads and stop/start push buttons are mounted to the tank and prewired to the pump motors using liquid tight flexible conduit.
  • Plant layout drawings showing customer’s equipment location, cooling equipment location, pipe runs, line sizing and electrical requirements.
  • Proper water distribution is critical to system operation and efficiency.