Instruction Manual

Your portable chilling system has been carefully assembled and engineered to give trouble free service with a minimum of maintenance. Your unit is self-protecting by a series of safety controls integrated in the control system. These have been timely set to obtain boh adequate protection and optimum efficiency from your unit.

Our instruction manual covers most of our chillers and will be useful in the operation of the unit. It covers a wide range of topics from unpacking the unit, to its installation, startup and general operating instrucitons. If there is anything that we forgot, please let us know.

1.0 Introduction 8.0 Startup
2.0 Uncrating and Checking Unit For Damage 9.0 Trouble Shooting
3.0 Locating Unit 10.0 Pilot Light Panel
4.0 Installation 11.0 Operating Instructions
5.0 Fill Tank 12.0 Maintenance
6.0 Process Connections 13.0 Drawing 1
7.0 Pre-Startup 14.0 Component Descriptions & Pictures