Trouble Shooting Chart

NOTE: All repairs for portable chillers should be done by qualified service personnel. (i.e., for refrigeration, a licensed refrigeration mechanic, for electrical, a licensed electrician etc.) For mechanical repairs please call our main company telephone number which is monitored 24 hours, seven days a week.

Safety controls are set for water Operation (45° F. L.W.T.). For lower operating temperatures glycol must be used and controls must be reset by qualified personnel.

9.0 Descrption

9.1.0 Symptom: Unit Will Not Start
9.2.0 Symptom: Compressor Hums But Does Not Start
9.3.0 Symptom: Shuts 0ff On High Pressure Indoor Air Cooled
9.3.6 Symptom: Shuts Off On High Pressure Remote Outdoor Air Cooled
9.3.11 Symptom: Shuts Off On High Pressure Water Cooled
9.4.0 Symptom: Shuts Off On Low Pressure Air and Water Cooled:
9.5.0 Symptom: Compressor Shuts Off On Internal Protector
9.6.0 Symptom: Shuts Off On Freeze Thermostat
9.7.0 Symptom: Low Or No Water Flow
9.8.0 Symptom: Cooling Capacity Inadequate