Symptom 1: Unit Will Not Start

NOTE: All repairs to the unit should be done by qualified service personnel. (i.e., for refrigeration, a licensed refrigeration mechanic, for electrical, a licensed electrician etc.) For mechanical repairs please call our main company telephone number which is monitored 24 hours, seven days a week.

Safety controls are set for water Operation (45° F. L.W.T.). For lower operating temperatures glycol must be used and controls must be reset by qualified personnel.

 Cause Remedy
9.1.1Power off 1. Check main disconnect.
9.1.2Main line open2. Check fuses
9.1.3Loose terminals3. Tighten terminals with "POWER OFF"
9.1.4Water Flow light not on.4. See Section 9.7.1,2,4.
5. Failed flow switch. Have switch checked, repair or replace if defective.
9.1.56. Check control voltage fuses and transformer.