Symptom 3: Shuts Off On High Pressure Control

Automatically Resets When Discharge Pressure Falls To A Safe Level – Control Located Inside Chiller Unit. Indoor Air Cooled Condenser.

 Cause Remedy
9.3.1Insufficient condenser air flow1. Check condenser filter for dirt, fins may be plugged with dirt or foreign material.
2. Fan belts (if used) may be loose and need adjusting.
3. Check the rotation.
9.3.2Fan motor not operating.4. Have electrician check fuses and wiring.
5. Have electrician check motor starter and overloads.
6. Have electrician check motor. Repair or replace if defective.
9.3.3Excess refrigerant.7. Have refrigeration serviceman purge system while operating until bubbles first appear in sight glass. Then have unit recharged until glass just clears.
9.3.4Air in system.8. Have refrigeration serviceman purge the system.
9.3.5Improperly set high pressure control.9. Have refrigeration serviceman reset or replace the control if defective.