Symptom 3: Shuts Off On High Pressure Control

Automatically Resets When Discharge Pressure Falls To A Safe Level – Control Located Inside Chiller Unit. Water Cooled Condenser.

 Cause Remedy
9.3.11Water regulation valve1. Adjust condenser water regulating valve to maintain 190 to 210 PSIG refrigerant head pressure. If valve is defective have valve repaired or replaced by a refrigeration serviceman.
9.3.12Insufficient condenser water flow.2. Check condenser water pumping system.
9.3.13Condenser water temperature too high.3. Check cooling tower for proper operation (i.e.; tower fans, fan belts and spray nozzles.
9.3.14Condenser water tube scaled4. Clean with brushes and chemicals approved by 1st Choice Chillers.
9.3.15Excess refrigerant.5. Have refrigeration serviceman purge system while operating until bubbles first appear in sight glass. Then have unit recharged until glass just clears.
9.3.16Air in system6. Have refrigeration serviceman purge the system.
9.3.17Improperly set high pressure control.7. Have refrigeration serviceman reset or replace the control if defective.