Why 1st Choice

Why Our Chillers Should Be Your 1st Choice Chillers
  1. 30+ years experience designing and building.
  2. The best warranty in the industry today:
    * 5 YEAR compressor replacement warranty.
    * 2 YEAR parts warranty on the balance of the unit.
  3. These quality, top-of-the-line portable chillers are priced lower than our competitors.
  4. Quality off-the-shelf components means fast parts replacement from local suppliers.
  5. Start-up assistance and ongoing technical support is just a phone call away using our toll free number 877. 513. 8310.
  6. Our unique design has the components accessible for inspection, maintenance and service.
  7. Our chillers come standard with hot gas by-pass for capacity control.
  8. For freeze protection we include both a water flow switch and a freeze thermosat.
  9. We use a stainless steel brazed plate evaporator for cooling, not an inefficient coil-in-tank which is very difficult to repair and extremely expensive to replace.
  10. Our evaporator is not located in the holding tank. We have no holes through our tank for bolts which can cause the tank to leak.
  11. Non-rusting water piping.
  12. Specially designed and oversize evaporators mean our compressors last longer and operate at higher than normal efficiencies.











Why Our Chillers Should Be Your FIrst Choice